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You read that right. Today, February 17, 2021 it is snowing in Houston. I couldn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

Sitting at my desk this morning I received a video message from my sister-in-law who lives in Texas. When I watched the video in which she showed her kids using boogie boards to sled down a hill near their house in Houston Texas.


Aside from how crazy that is, made me think about how rarely this happens, if ever and then I thought of my two customers down there, and everyone else who deals with snow and slippery road conditions.

Going into winter you definitely need to take inventory of what you have for proper recovery equipment.

There is one item you need to make sure you have and that it is in ready-to-use condition.

The Green 8’ Round Sling is the #1 best strap to have for slide-off recoveries. It will

  • Save you time
  • Save you energy
  • Keep you more safe
  • Help prove you are a professional
  • Makes & Saves you more money
  • And it’s easy to use after ONLY 5 MINUTES OF TRAINING

Most winters provide a ton of opportunities to recover simple slide-offs into the ditch or even just on the side of the road. The vehicle gets just stuck enough that they can’t get out on their own and a tow truck is needed.

Freezing rain events can also wreak havoc on roadways, but that’s good for you right? That’s easy money, especially with the right tool like the Green 8’ Sling. You can reduce your call time to 10 minutes from a typical 30-minute call. That leaves more time to make more money.

Of course, you need to charge for the recovery. Keep in mind, the customer is paying for your time AND EXPERTISE. I lean heavier on the EXPERTISE side of this argument significantly more than the TIME part.

Let me tell you why. If you wanted to remodel a bathroom in your home and you had two contractors that could provide the same top-notch quality for the same price, but Contractor A could complete the project in one-third of the time that Contractor B could complete it, who would you choose.

You would choose Contractor A everyday of the week and TWICE ON SUNDAY. You might even tip him more money for completing the project ahead of schedule since you weren’t inconvenienced for more time than was necessary.

So why should it be any different in towing?! If you can do the same quality job as the next guy and do it in less amount of time, why should you charge less? YOU SHOULDN’T!!! You should be paid more, but that’s another argument for another day.


You know the drill. A snow storm blows in, or it’s freezing rain and the roads are super slick. Before long there are slide-offs all over and there is a huge need to clear the roads fast.

This opportunity is ideal for the Green 8’ Round Sling and will make you a lot of money.

Without the Green 8’ Round Sling the call typically involves most of the following steps.

  1. Pull up to the vehicle
  2. Assess the severeness of the slide-off
  3. Determine your easiest connecting point on the car’s frame
  4. Pull out a shovel and dig out for 20-30 minutes in snow & mud
  5. Try to clear enough space to fit your hook in and attach it to the frame
  6. Attempt to pull the vehicle out of the ditch
  7. If the attempt fails then repeat steps 3-6
  8. Then after an hour move on to the next job, worn out and frustrated from the previous job

With the Green 8’ Round Sling all you need is an access to 1-2 wheels of the vehicle and you can get them out of the ditch in only minutes. Forget all the crawling around in the snow, mud and water. Stay clean, be quick and get on the next job.


Without having to dig out all the snow and mud you can simply attach to an inflated tire of the vehicle or secure the strap around a hub of the vehicle. It’s really that simple.

No more having to carry around extra tools that take up too much space. No more pulling out all of the chains on the trucks inventory and lugging them back when the job is done.

All you need is this Green 8’ Strap and your winch. Use two of them if you want to make your job easier.

And instead of spending an hour on the job getting up and layout down, you can stay on your feet the few minutes you are out and shortly later get back in the warm truck to the next job.


We all know that this profession can be unsafe if you are doing roadside recoveries. At every opportunity we do our part to remind friends, neighbors and associates to SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER. Yet month after month we hear about our brothers and sisters on the road getting hit by inattentive and distracted drivers while they are working the shoulder.

The less time you can spend on a roadside recovery the safer you will be. This product allows you to do your job quicker and get out of the way in less time. You do not need to lay under a vehicle and take your view off moving vehicles barreling down the highway.

You can now safely, stay standing, do your job and keep an eye to the oncoming traffic.

Do the safe thing and buy a couple of these Green 8’ Round Slings today for your slide off recoveries. We all deserve to go home safely each night whether you are an owner or a driver.


Don’t you love it when everything goes just right on a recovery? Isn’t it fun to get those customers who are thoroughly impressed with the job you did? Don’t you love getting another five-star review on Google and have customers do your word-of-mouth advertising for you?

The Green 8’ Round Sling is a tool that can help do all that for you. When you explain to the customer that you don’t like to hook to metal as there is a possibility of further damage and show them how you can hook on to just the rubber tire nearly eliminating the possible of hurting their vehicle, they will love it.

Once you learn how to attached this strap to the tire, you will see that it literally is less than 10 seconds to secure it to the vehicle. 10 SECONDS!! From there you attach your winch line and recover the vehicle.

At the end of the call, you are the hero and the simplicity of the process proves you are a professional.


Don’t we all just want to be paid what we are worth? Wouldn’t we like to have a little more profit in a deal or even add more revenue to the books?

With this Green 8’ Round Sling you can do both. You can save money with less damage claims, and you can bring in more revenue by doing more calls in the same amount of time you spent before having this strap in your inventory.

As explained above, when you don’t have to attach to metal components, like the car frame, you save potential damages that could arise. I’m sure you have seen someone slip a mini-J into a slot in the frame, make the pull and tuna can the car frame. That costs you money.

Or you have connected a chain bridle to both frame rails of the vehicle and as you pull on the winch line, the chain tightens up around the valance which cracks and chips the paint. Again, damage claims that can cost you money.

The Green 8’ Round Sling avoids those situations. Again, when you see how easy it is to attach the sling to a rubber tire you will virtually eliminate damage claims on slide-off recoveries. This has potential to keep a lot more money in the bank instead of paying out on damage claims.


When you buy this strap, there is a 5-minute training that will show you how to properly secure this strap to a vehicle’s wheel. You practice a couple of times and then you are ready to roll.

Once you have it down, it takes less than 10 seconds to attach the Green 8’ Round Sling to the vehicle. A simple pull with a winch line and the customer is out of the ditch and you are on your way to the next job.

It’s a cheap strap that you can make your money back after the first use. One 10-minute recovery and you are now profiting off your investment.

Don’t wait any longer. Go to our online store and find the Green 8’ Round Sling now.

Add another arrow to your quiver by learning how to use this strap with your recoveries. The benefits are real.

Order yours today and you will see how the Green 8’ Round Sling can:

  • Save you time
  • Save you energy
  • Keep you more safe
  • Help prove you are a professional
  • Makes & Saves you more money
  • And see how easy it is to use after ONLY 5 MINUTES OF TRAINING

Don’t Wait. Go to the Online Store and Order Your Green 8’ Round Slings Now.

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